Little Grapefruit is a Canadian-born, handmade baby shoe company based in Toronto, Ontario. We produce fun, stylish and comfortable booties for your Little Grapefruit. We are very proud to be a Canadian-made company and specifically source materials, leathers and textiles from Canada, and more specifically Toronto. Using colourful velvets, linens and our broad variety of unique and trendy patterns we have a little something for each and every style, taste and occasion.


Little Grapefruit is the brainchild of creator and company owner, John Gould. He got his start in the footwear world by first creating another shoe brand, Rum and Grapefruit, which currently specializes in custom, hand-made loafers (or “Smoking Slippers”).

After purchasing baby shoes for multiple friends and family who were expecting their own little ones, he noticed a lack of diversity and options. Thus, Little Grapefruit was born with the simple idea of focusing on style, quality, comfort and options.

…and thus Little Grapefruit was born.