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The Little Grapefruit brand was born on the idea of a Canadian-made baby shoe that would be both stylish and comfortable, with a design that would ensure they’d stay on. 

We use sustainable fabrics sourced from Canadian suppliers and employ local sewers to meticulously hand-craft each and every pair. 

Each Little Grapefruit order is packaged using 100% eco-friendly and reusable materials.


With one of the largest selections of colours, styles and fabrics in the baby shoe game, we have a little something for each and every style, taste and occasion. 

Each pair of Little Grapefruits comes with our signature Italian red leather sole. All lined with our micro-suede fabric to ensure a cozy, sock-like feel, while providing breathability for those warmer months.


Say goodbye to the days of arriving home from a stroll with only one sock or shoe still intact. All of our baby booties are designed with a hidden, high-quality elastic that makes them easy to put on, and that’s where they’ll stay. 



As a baby brand, it is very important to us to make sure that we use the highest quality fabrics for our booties. We use OEKO TEX Certified textiles that are both durable, soft and environmentally friendly.

All of our fabric booties are also machine washable!


For the proper development of a baby’s feet, pediatricians say that barefoot is best. The next best thing is a soft-soled bootie that is light-weight, with a wide toe box and a flexible and minimalist sole. 

This is exactly what we created at Little Grapefruit. With a non-slip coating on the sole, our baby booties are designed specifically to aid in the proper development of a babies feet when they begin to take their first steps.